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The Importance of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

In any workplace, there will always be that possibility of workers getting injured. It has been reported by the statistics bureau in the US that there are millions of nonfatal workplace injuries that happen which resulted in an alarming high incidence rate of 3 cases for every 100 workers. While it is generally accepted that injuries can happen in risky working environment, the majority of reported injuries have happened in environments that are relatively safe.

For work related injuries and illnesses, companies are required to have a workers’ compensation insurance to cover these injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies make it difficult for workers to get a settlement for their medical expenses, lost wages, and for the pain and suffering that they have experienced because of the accident. This will need the services of an experienced workers’compensation attorney.

Some accidents can result in a disability that will prevent you from working ever again. And because insurance companies are not in the habit of paying workers what they deserve as settlement you need to hire the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle the negotiations for you. This permanent disability settlement should equal the amount you would have been receiving for the rest of your working years if you were not injured. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the largest possible settlement.
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Since workers’ comp can be very expensive, there are some employers who do not get insurance. Employers with no workers’ comp insurance can be sued in court by a victim of workplace accident. Employers are liable to pay compensation to workers who have suffered workplace injury for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering experienced because of the injury.
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Sometimes employers are reluctant to approve a claim because if there are many claims, the insurance premiums get more expensive. Your workers’ comp attorney will make sure that your employer will understand the legal ramifications of his denial of your claim. It may end up costing more money for the coverage.

Companies are liable if they are guilty of gross negligence even if the injury was caused by an accident. Whoever’s fault it was that caused the accident, it is good to explore all your legal options with your attorney.

There are insurance companies who don’t want to pay for surgeries unless they are really necessary. A good workers’ comp lawyer will be able to convince an insurance company that you need the surgery and that it is important and cost-effective.

If the cases mentioned above has happened to you, then it is best to hire a workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible.

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