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Marketing Tactics for Architects, Contractors and Engineers

Strategies for the building industry are utilized for engineering, constructing projects and designing. This must be in line with the company’s business development and marketing teams. Marketing strategy requires planning and brainstorming. There are four factors in a marketing strategy and they are the implementation, commitment, success and accountability.


Members are needed in the strategic planning. The members often comprise project managers, engineers, principals and business developers. They are the ones who look for projects and clients and also retain them. They should be committed so that success will be achieved.

There should be a brainstorming schedule after you have assembled the team. Their schedule should be before the budget is assembled since there basis for the budget will come from their brainstorming. Budget is very essential and yet very hard to decide upon.

The members of the team should not be more than 15 members. But if you have a very large organization, the best way to do this is to divide into focus groups and have each of the group report back always to the larger group. Whoever will prevail among these groups will become members of the strategic marketing team.


The communicating and implementing plans are two instruments for the attainment of your goals. At the same time, the buy-in and teamwork are indicators of the strategic marketing plan. It is similar when you talk about marketing for architects. Therefore, writing down the strategies and goals of the company are vital in the implementation stage. Consistency on the communication from the strategic marketing team should be required and clear. Employees should also know their role in the marketing strategy. Once employees know their roles, they are able to perform well for the achievement of the company’s goals. They will do their best but they should be guided properly.


Accountability is also very important in the strategic marketing plan. Scorecard will play an important role so that the team can monitor the status of each other’s performance. This will enable the team to know the items that needs more attention and if the responsibility is on the right person.

The content of the scorecard should be comfortable for the team. A spreadsheet is effective for this one. The scorecard will let you know the areas to be measured that will affect their goals. If you don’t write it down, you will be misled in the future.


If the team already achieved the goals, they should celebrate together. This way, all the efforts of the team are recognized. This will serve as the employee’s motivation to perform well and work harder. Being recognized for your performance will definitely boost your confidence.
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