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The Benefits of a Globally Harmonized System of Classifying Chemicals

GHS is defined as Globally Harmonized System of classifying and labeling chemicals. The standard classification chemicals and hazards is an important objective of the GHS. The chemical producing industry can benefit a lot from this. This global harmonization is deemed necessary because most countries previously had different rules for labeling and handling these hazardous chemicals. In some countries, they would have different kinds of systems used for similar chemicals. Systems that were in placed before were not easy to enforce apart from being very expensive. For companies that deal with international sales, they became expensive to comply with. They were also confusing for the workers who needed to comprehend the chemical hazards they were dealing with so that they could stay safe. When it comes to chemical disasters or spills, they had a hard time reacting appropriately.

If there is a globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals, there could be a lot of benefits that can be realized. Because of the GHS, selling and buying of chemicals is now an easier process because everyone has the same knowledge and rules to follow. One country doesn’t have to have their own rules on how to handle a chemical. Because GHS provides a single standard for shipping and handling of chemicals, this can result to reduced operation costs. Previously, there would have to be a change of containers and labels resulting to more costs. Since workers and officials now have all the important knowledge, they will be able to handle chemical spills and accidents properly. Because many people would have the same safety data, there won’t be a need to do large amounts of animal testing. Chemicals wouldn’t need to be tested on animals because there would already be information of their effects that is available for everyone around the globe.

The first part of the GHS is the classification of these hazardous chemicals based on regulations set by them. Second aspect is how to communicate these dangers of handling chemicals. This dissemination of information is done in two ways. There are labels for the chemical’s identity, hazard statements, and symbols. Safety data sheets provide the general and safety information needed for a kind of chemical. GHS is beneficial for everyone, not only the chemical producing industry.

With this GHS, all employees are on the same page. Everyone in the company will be trained to read and understand the GHS labels. A safer workplace will be the result because of employees being able to understand all the safety requirements needed. This beneficial to both the organization and the entire industry. GHS will be able to improve the safety and knowledge of handling hazardous chemicals.
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