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Men usually do not require a lot of accessories like women, as typical male fashion is simple and very minimalist, with more thought given to comfort given and basic practicality. However, fashion trends still influence many modern men that follow trends from renowned designers or popular celebrities that greatly affects the world of fashion. But even with all the modern accessories available for men today, perhaps the most important is still the waist belt, a piece of fashion accessory that men have worn for centuries mostly for its many purposes and not just its decorative appeal.

Waist belts are accessories that can be traced back to the early Bronze Age, with plenty of countries during the ancient and medieval times using it to carry weapons for soldiers, hold industrial tools while working, to tighten trousers, an accessory for cultural costumes, or a decorative accessory. Commonly today, belts are seen as a fashion item as many designers usually add this piece to any collection and liven up plain colored outfits or hold fabrics together at the waist to make it look smaller.

Typically, belts are made of leather from cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin, because of its durability and suppleness, although there are still belts made from synthetic leather made from plastic materials, and belts made from different fabrics, which are both much more cheaper than real leather. Many designers usually add more details to belt buckles, as it is the most easily noticed part that can really accentuate any outfit. While plenty of men often choose the simplest and most basic belts that are easier to pair with their outfits, there are also men that are brave enough to try out more colors and designs that may help accentuate the basic colors of their usual outfits.

Commonly, many men just buy a brown or a black belt, which is considered to be a favorite of most, as it can blend with men’s outfits which are usually either black or white. The rule that most men easily follow is to always match the color of the belt with the color of the shoes, except if the shoes are white, which is recommended to be worn better with black colored belts. The type of material of the shoes and belt should match as well, meaning leather for a leather, and suede for a suede. Belt design should also complement the formality of the trousers it is worn with, such as in the case of narrow, dressy belts that should be worn with formal attires, and ragged looking wide belts that should only be worn with more informal outfits such as cargo pants or shorts.

Belts are indispensable accessories for any man, either at work or for leisure, it can accentuate any plain outfit and complement an entire look as long as its chosen properly, with attention to quality and usability.
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